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Pharmacy is a versatile dynamic, growing, and increasingly diverse profession. Pharmacists work in a wide variety of healthcare settings, in the pharmaceutical industry,in practice settings, academics,regulatotry affairs,clinical research. Pharmacist are healthcare professionals whose professional responsbilities include seeking to ensure the people drive maximum therapeutic benefit from their treatments with medicine. A pharmacist is responsible for dispensing and managing medications, educating patients on correct usage of drugs and potential drug side effects, and managing the overall health care or well-being of patients/customers in the setting of pharmacies and dispensaries. Pharmacist represent the 3rd largest heath care professional group in the world and in India today there are around 8 lakh pharmacists, working in various positions, applying their unique knowledge and skills, contributing to the health of the nation.

Career Option

Our staff is our most valued asset. To achieve this, we regularly acquire world-class talent at all levels. We are always on the lookout for new talent.

Research and Development

Perambalur, Full-Time

Production / Manufacturing

Perambalur, Full-Time


Perambalur, Full-Time

Quality Control

Perambalur, Full-Time

Quality Assurance

Perambalur, Full-Time

Regulatory Affairs

Perambalur, Full-Time

Sales & Marketing

Perambalur, Full-Time

Pharmacist in Practice Settings

  1. Community (retail), Pharmacy ( Medical store/Chemist/Druggist)
  2. Hospital pharmacy (Private Hospitals, PHCs, CHCs, District Hospitals, Tertiary and Teaching Hospitals and Other Private Sector Hospitals)
  3. Clinical pharmacy (Clinic pharmacist, Medical writing, Pharmacovigilance,clinical research associate, Clinical research scientist, Clinical safty analyst, Regulatory affairs, Clinical data management etc.,)


1. Academics
2. Regulatory Affairs
     – Drug Controller Department(CDSCO)
     – Drug Inspectors
3. Assitant Drug Controller
4. Drug Controller
5. Pharmaceutical Chemist/Analyst

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Opportunities Outside India

Learning opportunities for higher studies exist in both the practice as well as research streams. Developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, South African countries, Germany, France, Nigerian countries are ready to giving opportunities for a qualified pharmacy professional.

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Future of Pharmacy

The pharmacy profession has exciting oppoutunities as well as challenges. In the coming years & there will be an increasing demand for qualified pharmacist in all sectors include dispensing, marketing & sales, Preventive medicine, research & development, chain pharmacy management, health maintenance organizations etc.,