Anti – Ragging Committee

Anti – ragging committee at institute level is here by constituted For prevention of
the ragging and also to ensure the Implementation of Anti – ragging measuring in the

Internal Complaint Committee

As per the UGC directive we formed the Gender Sensitization cell in our campus. The cell comprising of senior faculty representatives and they are organizing the programs on gender issues on a regular basis.
We have conducted Seminar on Gender Sensitization for all faculties and staff members and also conducted self defense workshop for all girls.
The following faculty members are nominated as the committee for Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) and a Special Cell:
  1. Dr. R.Mariyammal Professor, – Convener
  2. Dr. T.Uma. Professor, Member
  3. Ms.A.Jeyavalli. Assoc. Professor, – Member
  4. Ms. R.Kalaivani, Assoc. Professor -Member

Duties and Responsibilities

The Committee should find suitable solutions to settle the problems faced by the women staff / students in regard to matters relating to sexual harassment within 10 days' after thorough investigation.

Anti-discrimination cell