The College Library is located on the ground floor of the college block with plenty of titles and volumes related to respective subjects. The Library has developed an excellent collection of books like Pharmaceutics, Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Biotechnology and also journals. It maintains separate collections of national, international magazines periodical Bulletins journals, reference books, Thesis, Video Cassettes, Compact Discs and Microforms. A minimum of 2 can be taken from the library for not more than 7 days. The library will be open from 8.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M.

The total collection of the library stands as follows:

  • Current Awareness Service/(SDI) Service
  • InterLibrary Loan(ILL)
  • Reference Service
  • News Paper Clipping Service
  • Internet Access

Language Lab

A language laboratory is a facility- usually a room in college – where students use technology to learn a new language. Learning language is not only enjoyable, but it also improves your cultural awareness, develops your adaptability and makes you a more confident and effective communicator, and improves your future employability.

Languages can help you get ahead in your career:

  • It is the technology specially designed for education that promotes high motivation of students since they work with special equipment for language learning.
  • It offers great advantages to both teachers and students. Both can access new information and communication technologies quickly and easily. They have a classroom where they have at their disposal the latest technology for language learning.
  • Having a second language is not only useful if you decide to study abroad as part of your degree, but it can also help you get ahead in your career.
  • Many international employees seek people with language skills. Learning language provided you with the skills to adapt to different business environments and to operate with greater cultural agility and insight.
  • If you have a foreign language that is a powerful tool to get a job and you can be a part of international business.
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Excellent accommodation facilities with well furnished four occupancy rooms, Sprawling and Artistic layout, Hygienic Kitchen, Spacious Dining Halls. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support. Thanthai Roever College of Pharmacy with its beautiful landscape and carefully tended gardens provides an ideal environment for congenial learning experiences.

The hostel is not merely a residential place but a home which connotatively signifies all the virtues of a home. Here students come not for just boarding and lodging but a lifetime experience. It has shaped the lives of many students. It offers scope for various activities and fosters a sense of orientation among students.

Students from all parts of the country and abroad congregate here and settle down to a life of ease and comfort without stress or strain. Hostel life inspires students to be flexible and diplomatic and instils in them team spirit and independent thinking. At present more than 200 students accommodated in the hostels. The hostels are administered by wardens and they take utmost care of the students. Every hostel is provided with STD and ISD call services. ​


Roever Educational Institutions are evincing keen interest in nurturing the sports activities of the students inside the campus.

Students are provided with all facilities to participate actively in sports and games at district, state and national level athletic, volleyball, shuttle and basketball grounds are available.


Apart from the computer laboratories setup for syllabus programs the Institutes have provided computer centres for general purposes and learning during extra hours. This includes Internet Facilities available through leased line and Wi-Fi for providing continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity to students and faculty members. These facilities are also available to students beyond college hours for preparation of seminars & projects and research-orientated work. The entire campus including the hostels is Wi-Fi enabled and students can access the internet on their laptops round the clock.

  • 10MBPS Broadband
  • Dedicated INTERNET LAB
  • Satisfies the PCI and AICTE Requirements. As per the guidelines from PCI, facility in the Institute/college library is essential
  • Useful for the preparation of competitive examinations.
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The management operating a fleet of Buses, Vans, Numbering more than 100 for easy mobility of the students from different parts of the districts 

  • Transport service is rendered and all students should travel only by the college bus (or by own vehicle)
  • Students who travel by college bus should produce the bus pass on demand. Pass will be given for one bus and a particular stop only
  • They should keep the ID card in their safe custody
  • Students should treat/handle the college properties as their own. Improper use and damage thereon of any will be recovered from the students.

Arrival time – 9.10 am

Departure time – 5.05 pm