Having chosen pharmacy as a career, I welcome you as a member of the health care team. We, at Thanthai Roever College of Pharmacy, strive to provide one of the best work environments in pharmacy education. Looking at the current needs of the pharmaceutical industry that is growing at a rapid pace in the areas of drug discovery, drug delivery technology, phytopharmaceuticals and biotechnology-based drugs, training is imparted to the students in the classes and the laboratories.

We strive to nurture the youth with the constant and consistent effort of learning to understand, research and implement the meaning of Technology & Pharmacy in the global arena, with special emphasis to the domestic Indian context. At Thanthai Roever College of Pharmacy, we always endeavour to provide excellent and competent quality education, innovative learning tools with cutting-edge technology, distinguished and knowledgeable faculties and an accountable staff of professionals. Un-interrupted research in various fields of interest will always remain a stubborn pillar of our programs. As an academic community, we are very proud and privileged of Thanthai Roever College of Pharmacy which has prospered exclusively in the area of technology, management and pharmaceuticals sciences.

As you will discover, Thanthai Roever College of Pharmacy offers sustainable education in the serene setting rich in culture/ethics and simultaneously poised for the future, where you can participate in a variety of cultural events and acknowledge your attributes. We always look forward to having meetings with you as you anticipate a promising and satisfying career which will enable you to leave your footprints and set up your standards in the world outside.

Dr R. Nepolean., M.Pharm., PhD

Principal & Professor